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My name is Aarón Blanco Tejedor and I love taking pictures. Ever since I discovered photography I found my inner calling, my own voice to express my soul to the world. I feel happy if I can be behind a camera. I am your most reliable photographer in South Finland.

For me, a good picture is the one that contains emotion, and in order to achieve that sentimental quality in my photography, I invest all my soul in every commission. Do you need pictures that highlight the best qualities of your product? Images that transmit the values of your services? Do you have a special celebration (wedding, birthday, confirmation) and you want to have everlasting memories of it? Do you want to decorate your home with a piece of art or need an artwork as a present? Don´t hesitate, contact me, I am a very accessible and easy person, together we will create the pictures that you need.


Having great pictures of such a special moment as your wedding is invaluable. As a wedding photographer, I commit myself 100% to the mission of capturing emotions, excitement, soul.

The most common service include pre-wedding pictures (those special moments when the bride is getting ready for the ceremony), pictures of the ceremony, pictures of the celebration and a short photoshoot with the wedding couple at the sunset. But my services are flexible and I will make sure they adapt to your needs. Contact me!


A special birthday, the communion of your dear son/daughter, a family meeting that happens just once in a while, the reunion of old school friends… any remarkable celebration deserves to have photographs that reflect that significant moment. 

For this special occasion, you don’t want to depend on the phone-quality pictures taken by the guests, you need a photographer with good equipment and a well-trained eye, only then you can be sure that the pictures are going to truly capture the best moments of the event. 


A baby has come recently to the family, you want to keep permanent memories of your children while they are still kids, you want to have a nice family photo session in your favourite place in the peak of the spring-flowering season…

The reasons why one could want to immortalize a special moment for the family are infinite. If you are searching for a photographer that will take great pictures and that is going to try his best for you to have beautiful family time in front of the camera… then you want to contact me.

Commercial photography

If you are planning to build or renew the image of your company, great pictures are the fundamental pillar. You will need images that transmit the soul of the service you are offering.

For that, you need to rely on somebody that has a great understanding of how light affects the mood of the viewer, and that knows how to capture that light in a way that highlights the positive aspects of your services.

You can count on me. We will work together to get the pictures you need.

Product photography

You love the products that you offer and you want to advertise them in the best possible way. Or maybe we are building your webpage together and we need the correct pictures for showcasing your products and grab the attention of the potential customer… then you need great product photography.

We can help you with this, but not only that, together we can plan the graphic design of your next marketing campaign or build that webpage of which you have been dreaming.  Contact us!

Fine Art Photography

Ever since I was a child I have had a special sensibility that I have consciously cultivated over the years. This allows me to see and feel reality in a slightly different way, maybe a more poetic way.

My Fine Art Photography is all about finding a re-connection with Nature that we should never have lost. We are Nature and without that connection, we miss an essential part of our souls.  With my pictures, I illustrate my own path back to Nature and with it, I hope to inspire other human beings to let themselves flow back to where we belong.

With my artworks, I want to share this calming energy of Nature with you.

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