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Many can be the needs of a company when it comes to graphic design. Do you need a logo? Business cards? Are you in need of a poster that communicates in an effective way the values of your brand/product? Has your company an important document to deliver and doesn’t have time to create the layout it deserves? An important event is coming and you need banners, roll-ups or brochures?

We have you covered. Ida and I have been publishing the monthly magazine Pro Korpo Bladet for a few years now, so we know what it means to create pieces of design that work. We have created posters, menus for restaurants, giant banners… many design pieces that have helped our customers to be more effective in their communication efforts, and to reach more customers. Design matters!

Graphic design projects

Out to sea the plastic garbage project korpo ubuntu productions graphic design project

Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström brought this eye-opening international exhibition to Korpo in Summer 2019. We were chosen to design all the graphic material: two huge banners, roll-ups, posters, brochures, invitations and much more.


Hotel Nestor, the pearl of Korpo, has continuously trusted us to take care of their diverse graphic design needs. Brouchers, advertisements, posters, road signs and more. But not only that, they commissioned us the renovation of their webpage.

The “Skärgårdshavets Biosfärområde” commissioned us with the creation of a poster that would showcase 10 ways of reducing the use of plastic. The biggest challenge was to include three languages in one poster while keeping the information clear and organized. 


Over the years we have created hundreds of designs for a diverse range of companies, associations and events in the local magazine Pro Korpo Bladet. This has made us grow as graphic designers and we are continuously learning and developing our skills.   


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